Top 5 Best Paying Slots

Every online casino slot machine has its own return to play (RTP) percentage attached to it. This helps a player to determine the odds of them making profits during a session playing the slot. When the RTP is higher, the house edge gets lower thereby raising the player's chances of making huge profits. This article dives into the top 5 best-paying slots. Also, visit for more insight.

Monopoly Big Event

This fantastic slot is a brainchild of Barcrest game developers. In addition to its 99% RTP, Monopoly Big Event also prides itself on great bonuses and unique features. Just like bizpedia, Monopoly Big Event fills your life with exclusive fun. The 99% RTP only counts when an individual is playing in the big bet mode in which case, their stake is 30 Euros for five enhanced spins.

Any high stakes player who is looking for a slot with an unbeatable return to player percentage and huge win potential then Monopoly Big Event is all you need. This slot machine features three exciting bonus games that you can easily access by entering the Big Event Bonus. To increase your free spins, pick a Community Chess card. You will love this excellent slot for excellent:

  • Free spins
  • Extra wilds
  • Sticky wilds
  • Multipliers

Wheel of Fortune

This slot has a high RTP of 98.6%. Not only does it have a sea exploration theme but it also looks gorgeous. The slot starts with an opening sequence which is primarily set in a ship cabin. The desk at the center of the cabin rocks gently with the motion of the sea. The slot is among the most enticing slots ever created.

Wheel of Fortune's map backdrop comes in a design that befits the era. The game's five reels resemble a nicely designed map set against the wooden surface backdrop. Each of the slot's four corners has land, and each corner features an angel that blows wind over the sea. More interesting is that part of its map is taken up by the sea.

Joker Strike Online Slot

Joker Strike Online Slot features an RTP of 98.11%. It is the official sequel to the Second Strike slot which is Quickspin's popular variation. The most striking features of this slot are, such as the inclusion of High Roller bets which have an increased payout percentage and a wild strike feature which allows a player to earn up to 10 extra wilds.

If you combine the exciting gameplay with the excellent return to player, you get an immediate hit with high rollers, a retro-style jokes strike, and 10 paylines. This slot gives you a play experience like never before. An extra wheel is activated in this 5-reel, 10-line game slot every time a player lands a winning combination. It lights up symbols in turn. The slot's bets work as follow:

  • A 30-Euro bet ensures a wild on both spins
  • A 20-Euro bet guarantees a wild for every five spins

Blood Succers Online Slot

Blood Succers Online Slot features a high RTP of 98%. This NetEnt product never seems to disappoint the players in the provision of the blood-laced video slot experience. This slot, which has been designed with a high payout ratio, features five reels and 25 paylines, and is generally quite appealing to the younger players. It has a unique vampire-slaying bonus game that adds fun to the player.

Each of Blood Succers Online Slot's symbols reflects the Victorian Vampire genre. The game's illustrations are highly detailed. Every icon in this game is an illustration of something with a close relation to a vampire. However, the game is devoid of any playing card symbols. The game is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. The symbols in Blood Succers Online Slot include:

  • A bible with a silver cross
  • A blue potion vial
  • A clove of garlic

Kings of Chicago

Kings of Chicago has a return to player of 97.8%, making it the fifth-highest paying slot in our reviewed list. It is sensationally the first video slot of its kind exhibiting a unique twist that combines classic video poker with classic slot play. The slot features five betlines lying on a 3x5 interface on which 15 bet cards are dealt every time the slot is played.

A poker hand of three of a kind pays immediately the cards in Kings of Chicago slot are dealt. The slot works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Apparently, the game symbols in this slot have been replaced by a deck of cards on the reels. Sounds echo the deal of the cards as the reels spin. Whenever payouts are made, a different salon sounding organ riffs.